Portable Security Cabins

Security is a primary concern for all business location and sites. Ample of time trespassers, animals, etc pass through business or personal premises affecting the privacy. It is necessary that your site remain secure from all grounds which allow a tension free job operation. We offer custom and ready to use durable security cabins, offering simple solution to keep the premises secure and safe. Also it is necessary to apply Security Cabins to protect site properties. We offer a range of Security Cabins that deliver smart product with cutting edge technology. We make durable cabins which are designed and developed from a premium grade material offering long lasting support and low maintenance cost. Another important aspect that stands in our production house is custom built security cabins where you can add material as per your need. Thus making the cabin more beneficial for guards to stay and keep a watch on ongoing situation.


Security Cabins Manufacturers in Mumbai

If you are looking for Security Cabins then you are at right place. We are among leading Security Cabin Manufacturers who is indulge in development and design of Security Cabin. We offer a different type of products under Security Guard Cabin loaded with all required material and durable solution. We also lead among Security Cabin Suppliers following a chain of huge supplier all over India. Our team of experts is capable of giving you customize solution for Security Cabin design, so that you can maintain maximum security. Our products are build with high quality material which is not only durable but also capable of working well under all circumstance. Based on our long experience we assure to give you the right product with long life and quality. Whatever material we use in development and design are high grade components, belonging to top brands in the market. The designed product is enhanced by our expert panel who leads the designing team based on what is going in the market.

For business/residential premises security is primary concern. It is not beneficial to compromise it under all circumstances. The same surveillance can be later on used for tacking complex security situations. Security Cabin cost lies under your budget. We do not overload cabins with unwanted stuff making it bulky and complex to handle. We follow in keeping thing straight and simple so that you can instantly install Security Cabin at any place you want. Our designer’s team keeps a keen interest in customer requirement and design cabins on basis of that. Security Cabin prices fluctuates on the basis of requirement. Some cabins come with advance features, powered by latest technology and durable material, while some are designed for instant use and watch. You can contact our team to get the kind of security cabin you want. IT comes in different shapes and size. Or you can consult for it.

We believe in offering maximum customer satisfaction so that you can use our product for long time at minimal maintenance cost. Our list of products consists of Bunkhouse Security Cabin, Security Booths, Guard House Cabin, Security Office, Durable Security Cabin, etc. The quantative range of cabins is capable of giving you long life output with simple usage. We believe in giving finest quality cabins made from pure raw material which are completely safe. Glasses used in the cabins are high quality and strong. Durability gives more safe cover to guards who can work constantly under different weather without worrying much. If you are not satisfied with the ready to use product you can just move into the customize part and get the type of cabin as per your need, designed specially on your consent and requirements. Our company is a leading Security Manufacturer cabin in India. We also operate in different part of the country following a vast chain of Security Cabin Supplier. Our office of Security Cabin Manufacturer is located at Thane, Pune, Gujarat, Karnataka, Hyderabad, Delhi and Mumbai. Also we are capable of delivering security blocks at remote places via transport.


1) BASE: 75mm x 38 mm M.S. pipe, 50 x 50mm square pipe cross member on which 18mm cement board mounted with vinyl flooring.

2) ROOF: Top outer curved type of M.S.18swg plane sheet welded with M.S.Frame structure Top inner decorated with 9mm thick laminated particle board.

3) CAGE STRUCTURE & WALL PANEL: MS frame work with square pipe & wall thickness 50mm EXTERIOR WALL: M.S. 18 SWG bended sheets welded on M.S frame. INTERNAL WALL: 9 mm thick laminated particle board.

4) DOOR: Frame work by 40 mm x 40 mm square pipe external wall made by m.s. sheet & inner wall decorated by 9 mm thick laminated particle board and suitable locking arrangement.

5) INSULATION: All void within the external wall & inner wall are filled with glass wool which posses rare combination like lower thermal conductivity & high resistance to moisture & heat.

6) WINDOWS: All windows shall be aluminum double shutter sliding type, with black powder coating & grill, glass shall be clear or dark float glass.

7) PAINT: All components are primed with two coats of zinc primer & two coats of Berger satin paints.

8) ELECTRIC: All electric wiring is concealed & modular switch and socket with fan & tube light. above door one bulkhead.