Portable Office Toilets

Site office is not complete without having a proper washroom. It is complicated for business professional to find clean and instant alternative to sanitation. Also it puts a impact on the visitors. Our Portable Office Toilets are ideally designed to work with Porta Office. It can be placed with the site office or away from it depending on the need and space available. Being a Portable Office Toilet it remains separate from others. We believe in giving high quality standards so that you can use it again and again. The simple waste disposable kit it designed for easy installation and removal. We build the Toilets with premium grade material which makes it stronger. This portable toilets are ideal for all places. Being reasonably small in size it is quiet easy to move from one place to another. Depending on your need we also offer customized solution like adding WC, basin, cold and hot water tap, etc.


Office toilet manufacturers in India

In today’s growing business environment the demand for basic necessities keep on increasing. We are living in the world of fast paced technology and quick solutions. There is no time for anyone to rely on time consuming process in terms of different work process. Portable Offices are one of the prime requirements for construction site, events, etc. Alongwith that comes the requirement of sanitation. Being a business premises you cannot go for a fixed or unnatural structure which is uncomfortable for professionals. So we offer you a range of Office Toilets that are loaded with fixed toilet like features. Being portable in size you can simply move them from one site to another easy. The assembly is sfe and simple. Our products offer you hassle free solution in terms of setup and assembly. Our designed product are easy to use and designed on high standards.

We are leading Office Toilet Manufacturer around the globe. We understand the requirements based on day to day need in terms of temporary sanitation. Depending on the requirement we are also capable of giving you customized solution based on the portable toilets. At some places you might need additional units for multiple usage with waiting space and basin. This are included in the customized option. Being a leading Office supplier we know what things are required in a regular to use. Different models under Portable Toilets are capable of meeting growing demands of site offices and different working environments. We believe giving the best quality material so that it can stay firm for longer time.

Through our long experience we are capable of bringing durable quality material which is low on maintenance. Under custom solution we offer many different option to customize it. It is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a relief in the budget and wants custom toilets based on your specific requirement only. We also believe in giving complete hygienic environment even after multiple usages. We use high quality material with ample of usable chemicals to keep the environment clean and safe usage. It is necessary that you must simply go with custom solution if you are not satisfied with our ready to use products. We also has a good series of luxury products where give you much better feature over existing one, while we also has more cheaper solution under Labor toilets.

Portable office toilets can vary in capacity depending on the specific function and requirement needed. Portable office toilets can be a great solution for many businesses. Portable office toilets are an efficient and convenient appliance to utilize and use with minimal disruption on site, providing a hygienic and safe contained environment for use. Being a portable toilet designed for office we maintain proper standards for business usage. Compare to other toilet models, Office toilets are more maintained and clean with additional features like basin and waiting room. Which is the common feature of multiple units. While in single unit you get more portability, a water tank with plumbing facility.


1)EXTERIOR WALL: M.S./G.I.S 18 swg bended sheet welded on M.S frame.

INTERNAL WALL: Decorated with hardner

1. DOOR: Aluminium frame, external wall made by hardener, with suitable locking arrangement.

2. INSULATION: All void within the external wall & inner wall are filled with R.B. glass wool which posse’s rare combination like lower thermal conductivity & high resistance to moisture & heat.

3. PLUMBING: All plumbing fittings are concealed with TAPS, EWC, FLUSHTANK, and WASHBASIN & MIRROR.

4. PAINT: All components are primed with two coats of zinc yellow primer & two coats of Berger satin finish paint.

5. ELECTRIC: All electric wiring is concealed & modular switch and socket with exhaust fan, Tube light & above door one bulkhead.