Portable Luxury Toilets

For those who requires to maintain high business standard, we offer a variety of product series under Portable Luxury Toilets. These toilets are specifically designed for business professionals giving out rich solution for sanitation at site office. We also offer a set of different custom options under this where you can add different material on the basis of need and keep the budget under control. We are capable of building high end toilets with all facilities which are ideal for events, parties, etc. Our team keeps attention to each and every specific detail so that under no condition quality is compromised. Some of our toilets are powered by latest technology which gives you instant waste dispose via vacuum technology. We also keep a eye on flexible solution so that you can move the toilet to different location as per your need. Toilets under luxury support are loaded with all amenities, pluming/electrical fittings, fresh water supply and many more things.


Luxury toilet manufacturers in India

Luxury toilets are designed for lavish usage. They are rich in design and meet the highest standards.For corporate, it is essential the company maintain its level under all grounds. Under Portable Toilets, our premium range of products comes under Luxury Toilet series. Everything here is premium. From WC to internal components and accessories. And so the cost is high. But still being a leading Luxury Toilet Manufacturer we offer a custom solution also. Where you get ample of great benefits over ready to use products. Our production team is capable of building everything from scratch by adding each and every specific stuff choosing the right material and right grade. This maintains rich product quality with durable design also. Under luxury toilet only you can find a huge amount of custom options. Where you can choose each and every thing by your own self and we can bring altogether to design the right product for you. While you can simply contact our experts to get an assistance over buying the right kind of budget for you at reasonable price.

We also Luxury Toilets in large quantity if required. Compare to regular portable toilets, this one have more additional features. This consists of premium grade material which is long lasting and low on maintenance. It also features additional accessories like toilet paper, hand wash, electric/plumbing fitting, waiting area, clean environment, a/c, etc. everything is fitted according to your need. To get overview of our designed product you can check our catalogue. We offer toilets in single and multiple units. We also have a team of designer who provides a u unique look. Our luxury toilets offers you additional setup like Bath and Shower Accessories, Dishes and Dispenser, Lighting, Mirrors and Cabinets, Shelves, Sundries, Tumblers, etc. But all this are provided as per your need. We do not want to overload your budget. Along with rich design we believe in giving a budget pricing also. This type of toilets is ideal for business site, events, parties, etc. we take special care about the sanitation and cleanliness. Our products are easy to use and assemble.

Being portable in size you can just carry it from one place to another and also disassemble it when to required. The portable size gives you fast delivery option. If you are looking for a custom solution then you can meet our designer and get in touch with exclusive design. We believe in maximum comfort in terms of product usage. Every toilet comes with tank and pump that offers you easy filling and disposable waste. We supply luxury toilets all over India. Due to our long experience in this file we are able to give you the products in right time. If you are looking for a full unit that also offers bath support then we can give you more reasonable solution on that. Being a luxury toilet it is necessary that we maintain a rich class output so that it does not looks cheap from any side. Along with this we also try to keep our pricing under affordable budget price.


1)EXTERIOR WALL: M.S./G.I.S 18 swg bended sheet welded on M.S frame.

INTERNAL WALL: Decorated with hardner

1. DOOR: Aluminium frame, external wall made by hardener, with suitable locking arrangement.

2. INSULATION: All void within the external wall & inner wall are filled with R.B. glass wool which posse’s rare combination like lower thermal conductivity & high resistance to moisture & heat.

3. PLUMBING: All plumbing fittings are concealed with TAPS, EWC, FLUSHTANK, and WASHBASIN & MIRROR.

4. PAINT: All components are primed with two coats of zinc yellow primer & two coats of Berger satin finish paint.

5. ELECTRIC: All electric wiring is concealed & modular switch and socket with exhaust fan, Tube light & above door one bulkhead.