Portable Labour Toilets

These are budget friendly solution to establish higher number of toilet solution at construction sites. It also helps you to maintain a environment friendly condition. Compare to other products, Labor Toilets are smaller in size and easy to move. We offer a single unit and multiple unit toilets depending on the requirement. We at Alfero offer a more reasonable sanitation option under budget pricing. Our team has years of experience through which we are capable of providing you the products on the basis of your requirement. We work with high grade products and advance technology which result in the durable product for long run. This porta toilets are low on production and also offer you a good value of money features. Our Portable Labor Toilets are equipped with smooth surface, basic, simple assembly wall, stylish design and low tearing material which requires less cleaning or maintenance. Additional things can be added later on.


What is Labour Toilet - Labour Toilets Manufacturers in India

For construction sites, it is necessary to install Labour Toilets. This helps you to maintain environment friendly conditions at various work places. It is essential that you choose the right product also so that your investment is not wasted. When we talk about construction places then you have to worry more about sanitation facility. At that point toilets is used by many people where cleaniness is a important factor. For that you can trust on use for a durable product. It is more better to go for multiple unit set which is easy to disassemble and move. Portable movement is also a prime factor in our design. Rightnow we are working on many varitiesy under Labor toilets depending on cost variation. Under this we belive in giving high standard material with long durability and long lasting life. So that it can be re-used again and again at different places.

Our production team understand the different set of requirements for sanitary facility on construction places. Labor Toilets are also a cheap solution for outdoor events, mobile clinic, etc. Where you do not require to establish a costly sanitation solution. But if you want, you can check our products under Luxury Toilets which are more enhanced and are loaded with various amenities. Compare to that Labor toilets are simply basic and easy to assemble. We use different grade of high quality material for various usage. Some require a temporary solution only so for that we are having a affordable range. While some require product that will be constantly used on different places so for that we have more durable products.

Along with this we also take care about the sanitation and cleaning process. Which is more easy compare to a regular toilet. Being a portable solution it is necessary that stick with a simple solution which does not consume more time for cleaning and shifting. Our production team has enough experience in designing this kind of products from long time and we are able to deliver a huge amount of products to different companies around the world. Labour Toilet cabins also comes in multiple units which are used for multiple usage at the same time. They are bit bigger compare to single unit and has a bigger water tank. With proper electricity and plumbing fittings you get one stop solution for everyday use.

Our free standing structures gives you lightweight solution. The design is occupied with easy transport solution that can fitted well over a transport and move it from one place to another. A single unit simply lies around 32”x83” which is easy to move. We use a lightweight durable material so that it is easy to move and also long lasting. We believe in stability so that it can be re-use again and again. Also with a seated toilet structure we offer a composite urinary. It also contains liquid disinfectant dispenser which maintains maximum hygiene. There are enough places left to add a basin, hand washer and more additional facility to make it more useful.


SPECIFICATION 1) STRUCTURE & CONSTRUCTION: The structural frame work shall be all welded type to comprise of the bottom frame, overall framework, internal external cladding with insulation & other peripherals, sloping self-draining roof. It would be an all welded construction, in which the main corner vertical support posts shall be made from M.S. square pipe structural with lifting arrangement.

2) EXTERNAL CLADDING: Shall be of 18 gauges. M.S. pressed steel vertical corrugated / M.S. sheets which shall be CO2 welded to the bottom MS channel frame, corner posts, top frame & roof frame… All gaps are sealed at edges & at seams, bottom sills etc.

3) BASE FRAME 75 x50 mm PIPE: Frame work and in between cross members of 100x50mm on which 18mm v-board mounted with vinyl flooring. All inter connecting cross members shall also be of similar steel materials, duly welded lengthwise & breadth wise and conveniently equally spaced.

4) FLOORING: 18mm thick cement board shall be fixed with self-tapping screws, to the base frame. The top inside layer of the board is covered with mate 1.5 mm.

5) ROOF: shall be made of plain 18 gauge M.S. sheets / CRC 18 gauge M.S. sheets, adequately provided with pressed reinforced sections from inside for additional strength and shall be one side sloping for efficient drain of rain water and to avoid collection of dust, leaves etc.

6) MAIN DOOR: Frame work by 38mm x 19mm square pipe external wall made by BAKELITE Sheet with suitable locking arrangement.

7) SURFACE PRETREATMENT AND PAINT: The internal & external steel surfaces shall be pre-treated with anticorrosive chemicals including degreasing and derusting and phosphate primer, subsequently, it shall be painted with corrosion resistant synthetic Berger paints with two coats.

8) ELECTRICALS: All components are pre-wired for electrical lighting.

9) ACESSORIES:IWC in each individual unit of standard make.

10) PLUMBING: Plumbing fittings are with TAPS, IWC