Portable Cabins

We at Alfero Enterprises deal with different Portable Cabins loaded with all necessary amenities and cutting edge technology. Portable Cabins can be used for various purpose. Along with required features we also checkout that the cabins designed are durable and long lasting. So that you can continues your operation in it for longer period of time without worrying about permanent placement. We are capable of understanding different changes in business requirement and on that basis our team of experts design a pre-fab structure which just like a office. Cabins designed are strong and secure. Also we try to keep ample of space to adjust well. Alfero Portable Cabins are made from premium quality material. We believe in long lasting business relationship. Due to which we had delivered some of the best product around the globe offering use a bigger platform to prove us. Being a sturdy design you can use it differed weather condition and move it easily where ever you want through transport.


What is Portable Cabins

Porta Cabins or Portable Cabins is customized structure which is dismountable giving building like features and design. Above all it offers mobility due to which it is easy to hook it on remote site. Porta Cabins is also instant solution for establishing company office at anyplace anytime. There is nothing to worry about investing on a cement structure which is fixed and costly. Being a costeffective solution it can be used again and again at different places. Container office comes under Temporary buildings which are not fixed. Simple establishment gives reliable place to site and work. Being a leading Porta Cabins Manufacturer our list of product consist of different models on the basis of different need. Important business meetings are required to carry out vital decision every now and then. For that it is complicated to assemble people at a place which is not comfortable. Porta Container Cabins are capable of giving office like environment and privacy at the same time.

Due to non-fixed design when not required you can move it easily to other place. Our designed product is build with durable material which is capable of protecting you in different environment. Also you can shift it on different location via lorry or crane. Our Production team offers customized cabin service also where everything is designed as per your need. The internal components and amenities are later added on. Porta Cabins prices for customer are not pre-determined for customized cabins. We are leading Portable Cabins Suppliers in India. We had worked with many onsite projects and delivered valid results. The cost of Porta Cabins are affordable for different business solution. There are different types of cabin available for different needs. Like for security, we offer Guard Cabin which is more small and portable in size, but can be placed at the area of entrance. Our branches for Porta Cabins Sale are available in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Gujarat, Karnataka, Hyderabad & Delhi.

Through our set of ready to use cabins you can simply get what you are looking for. Site Office Containers are very useful in different needs. Sophisticated design makes the cabin look like a real office where you can sit and work comfortably. It is another budget solution. Instead of investing on fixed infra-structure you can go with temporary solution where you really don’t need to stay for long time. We offer a variety of different cabin structure on the basis of work. We follow high standards in designing and development of cabins so that final product will boost business productivity. The design also includes full insulation so that you can use it bad weather also. Follow the modern construction practices our team is capable of giving you cabins loaded with cutting edge technology. Along with this we also provide bigger size Porta Cabins which comes with more complex design. Our prime aspect is to give you right cabin with easy to use options. Cabins also include appropriate sanction solution and dining facilities so that clients can work more comfortably. This is included under customized needs.

It is essential to compete in day to day changing technological scenario to stay on the mark to deal with fast changing environment. Portable Cabins are ideal solution to stand at high point over others. Portable Cabins designed by deal are blended with quality, durability, movability and latest technology so that your investment does not fail. Portable Cabins are available in different range on the basis of requirement. You can just start your work as per your need from any place at any time whenever required. No need to worry about proper infrastructure here. Being a portable cabins manufacturer we deal with chain of products that comply with current industrial standards. We offer a strong and secure structure so that you can work with less worry. Easy mobility helps you to stay focused on site and keep moving with your on-going project. Providing more work functional, easy to move, are some of the silent features of our product. We assure premium quality design and ample of workspace which are ideally suitable to work on constructions sites. We also offer a customized solution where cabins are designed on the basis of client’s requirement.

We are reputed Portable Cabin Manufacturer in India. Our clients include some of the top level companies in the market. We design strong prefabricated structure which is cable to give you comfortable working environment in changing weather. High quality material used in building our products offers us to guarantee you a long lasting solution. Under accommodation we offer different cabins like bun houses, prefabricated structure, portable cabin, portable offices, office bunk house, labor camps, etc. Our portable cabins manufacturer in Mumbai offers you similar kind of support at various locations. We have branches in Gujarat, Hyderabad, Karnataka, Delhi and Pune. We offer portable cabin solution throughout India.


Portable Cabins: We offer a wide range of portable cabins on basis of requirements. The cabins can be simply a place to site, react or used for storage. Based on the quality material they remain useful for long time. It is essential to choose the one on the basis of need so that you get the best movable solution. Portable Cabins are extremely easy to move and are very less space consuming. The placement is simple and designed to manage all amenities required at site.

Portable Office Cabins: We are specialized in offering ideal office cabins. Through our Portable Office Cabins you can move your office with you wherever you want. We design office cabins based on domestic and commercial purpose. So that our clients gets more flexible option to buy something that can fit in their budget. Portable Cabins act as temporary building solution which is beneficial for meetings, conferences, etc and also cost effective.

Prefabricated Structure: Building an affordable business structure act as vital boost for any business. We offer various services under Prefabricated Structure that offers a temporary but cost effective solution. We are a leading manufacturer in delivering pre-fabricated structure at said time. Our team works with excellence and has enough experience giving out a ready to use prefabricated structure under prescribed time.


1). BASE : 125mm x 65mm “I” Beam, cross member of 100mm x 50mm I Beam, with 50mm x 50mm Angle mounted with 18mm marine ply and vinyl flooring.
2). ROOF : Top outer curved type M.S.1.2mm(18swg) plain sheet welded with M.S. Frame structure, top inner decorated with 9mm MDF board.
3). CAGE STRUCTURE & WALL PANEL :MS Frame work with square pipe & wall thickness 50mm.
EXTERIOR WALL : M.S. 1.2mm. bended sheet welded on M.S. Frame.
INTERNAL WALL : 9mm. MDF board.

4). INSULATION: All void within the external wall,  inner wall & roof are filled with R.B. Glass Wool of 50mm. thick which posses  a rare combination of lower thermal conductivity & high resistance to moisture & heat.
5). DOOR: Frame work of 30mm x 30mm square pipe external wall made by M.S. sheet & inner wall decorated with 9mm. MDF board & suitable locking system.
6). WINDOW: Window shall be of aluminium black powder coated double shutter sliding type, with dark float glass & venetian blind covered by grill from the outside.
7). PAINT:  All components are washed thoroughly with epoxy thinner, joints filled with carpage and then painted with epoxy red oxide both outside/inside & then painted with two coats of epoxy paint. (This is done to give an aesthetic look to the cabin and it also has a longer life compared to other paints.)
8). AIRCONDITIONING:  Provision for split or window A/C is provided as per the requirement.
9). ELECTRICAL:  All electric wiring will be concealed & fitted with modular switches & sockets, fans, tube lights & bulk head light above the door will be provided.