We provide a range of furniture option for Porta Cabins. Compare to regular furniture that we common use in our house/office, Porta Cabins requires customized solution which is built for with good material and also saves a lot amount of space. We deal in huge range of furniture’s which are ideal for Portable Office, Portable Medical Labs, Bunk Houses, etc. also we have a team of professional who deal with customized solution. So if you have any specific requirements for that we can give you a custom solution at affordable range. Our specialty lies in complete development of Portable Cabinet structure and its inner setup. We also have a huge range of luxury material. Everything here is specifically designed for custom usage. We use premium grade material that keeps our product to work for longer period with durable output and low maintenance cost. We also provide a fully equipped Pre-fabricated structure with simple assembly.

Portable Workstations

Portable Workstation

Portable Workstation gives a huge range of working solution with simple design and delivery solution. Workstations are beneficial for many construction sites. A number of workstations allow multiple employees to site and work together which is essential for a business operation. We also deal with customized solution ....

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Portable Master Tables

Portable Master Table

Portable Master Table or Office Desk, act as important benefit for every Portable Office premises. It allows you to store as well provide placement to office staff. It is also placed at the reception to attend visitors. We offer you a huge range of Portable Master Table with customized solution. We believe in....

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Portable Conference Tables

Portable Conference Table

For important business meetings, presentations, etc Conference table is the only place where everyone can sit and discuss. Crucial business decision are taken under a single room where all professional serious discussion. We give you a range of Conference table in various size, and design. Our tables are designed for ....

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Portable Labour Toilets Manufacturers

Portable Labour Toilets

These are budget friendly solution to establish higher number of toilet solution at construction sites. It also helps you to maintain a environment friendly condition. Compare to other products, Labor Toilets are smaller in size and easy to move....

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